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Classic Salad Bowl

Classic Salad Bowl

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Bring the charm of Old World utensils to your home. Crafted of solid olive wood, each piece has uniquely rich marbling grains like our fingerprints, making each piece one of a kind.

All pieces are naturally conditioned with olive oil without varnishes,  preserving the natural texture and warmth of olive wood. Olive wood utensils are sturdy, nontoxic and are made to last. 

Diameter: ~24-26cm

*Each piece is handcrafted by olive wood. The pieces of wood size are unique, therefore the sizes indicated are an approximate, they can be a little wider or narrower.


Unvarnished smooth olive wood

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Care Instructions

The olive wood is very hard and dense wood with very closed grains, therefore bacteria cannot be deposited, nor can they reproduce as they would in lower quality woods, or other materials where bacteria can reproduce as various studies have shown. The closed grains of olive wood also mean that food odours do not penetrate the bowls and boards, making our bowls an excellent choice for safe food handling.

Hand wash only. Do not use harsh detergents as it strips the natural protective oils.

Do not soak in water.

Periodically apply olive oil to season and condition the wood.

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