Product related questions

General product information and disclaimer

Olive wood is a natural material therefore the ones you receive may vary from the pictures on our store. Wood is a natural product and no tree equals the next one, making each product unique, like us!

Marks and grains are perfectly normal and serves as proof of its natural origins. All of these marks, bark and variations are proof of quality and not considered defects and we cannot guarantee any consistency of size and shape from one piece to the next.

On the rare occasion there may be products that may develop a loose piece of bark or a slightly rough edge or small split somewhere. These are easily fixed with sandpaper, then finish off with some oil. If the outer bark becomes loose somewhere. It is easily fixed with some epoxy glue.

These are natural products and will last a life time if cared for correctly.

Keep them well-oiled to bring out the beauty of the wood.

How do I clean after cutting raw meats?

To clean after cutting raw meats on your cutting board, simply wipe clean with a cloth soaked in hot soapy salt water and immediately dry.

Occasionally, you can sanitise the wood by rubbing some cooking salt into the board with half a lemon then wipe off and to finish off, condition with olive oil. This is the best way to naturally sanitise the surface and avoids strong harsh chemicals.

Is Olive wood antibacterial?

The tight smooth grains on the surface not only shows off the beauty of the wood but makes it antibacterial. It is also odour and stain resistant.

Why is olive wood expensive compared to other woods?

Olive wood tends to be more expensive than many other woods because olive trees grow very slow and the branches are irregular, this is what gives it its dramatic grains.

However, the marbling grains make it very difficult and length to process to create some of the pieces. It needs a very long time to dry out and cure as it needs to be done very slowly over three to four years to avoid warping.

In harvesting the wood, through the process of pruning the olive tree, the branches and trunks are used, and no tree is cut down.

The marbling grains makes Olive Wood an extremely desirable piece of wood that is more durable and less porous than other woods.

Sizing information:

All sizes given are approximate. Due to the fact that all items are handmade, sizes vary a few mm or cm in either direction. This cannot be influenced by us and is totally normal. 

What if a product I want is not available?

Products are subject to availability and we always try to have items in stock. In case the product you are looking for that is currently not available, please reach out to us at hello@kekaliving.com. Pre-orders are possible for larger quantities upon request.

Shipping & returns

Processing and delivery times

We always aim to process and ship your order within 2-3 business days, excluding weekends and public holidays.

Please be aware that we cannot influence delays caused by shipping couriers.

Checking of products upon receipt

Please check your products upon receipt for defects and inform us at hello@kekaliving.com within 7 days.

We are not responsible for any damages breakages that occur while using with the products. Manufacturing faults will be referred to the manufacturer for assessment.

Please be aware that sizing differences as outlined above or grain issues are not considered defects as they are natural.

The parcels I received are damaged − what to do?

It is the customers responsibility to check goods on arrival to ensure no damages have occurred during delivery. Open the parcels while the driver, who delivered the parcels, is next to you. If there is anything damaged or missing refuse the parcel and contact us at hello@kekaliving.com immediately in order to be able to make a claim to the courier in time. If claims are made beyond the outlined dates we may not able to accommodate as all couriers have deadlines for damage claims.

How to return a product if I don’t like it?

Goods have to be returned at buyers cost within 7 days of receipt in original packaging otherwise we are not able to accept your return.

For international orders that are cancelled or returned due to reasons beyond our control, we are not liable to reimburse any exchange rate losses or third party fees and charges incurred.

Please inform us in writing if you wish to return a product.

Taxes and Duties

The receiver/customer is responsible to take care of potential import duties or taxes in the receiving country.