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The Allure Of Olive Wood

Rare and strikingly rich, Olive Wood has been revered for thousands of years. Its history is deeply rooted in tradition and mythology, symbolising peace, friendship and more. Over time, its distinctive nature continues to be appreciated by those who appreciate fine art and live with a sense of flair.

Sustainable Harvesting

Olive trees live exceptionally long lives of up to 2000 years. In their lifespan, they grow slowly but the reach of their branches bear fruit and its branches are harvested for wood. This creates one of the most sustainable lifecycles known for wooden products.

Non-toxic & Durable

Dense and hard due to its slow growth, Olive Wood offers a timeless presence in practicality in harmony with its aesthetics. Its natural properties make it the perfect kitchen companion as it resists bacteria, acids, fats and cuts.

Crafted By Artisans

KEKA Living's entire Olive Wood range is consciously curated for its quality, sustainability and artistry. We pride our collection on the meticulous attention to detail and how each piece was crafted to enhance the unique beauty of nature.

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