Discover The Distinctive Nature Of Olive Wood

As unique as our fingerprints, the exquisite grain of Olive Wood is a delight to our senses, inviting timeless artistry to every meal. Sustainabily harvested and handcrafted by artisans in Germany, KEKA Living's homeware range are sculptural statements for our dining table and kitchen.

  • Made In Germany

    Each piece in our Olive Wood collection is meticulously made by hand in the heart of Germany. Our range is made with the intention of creating family heirlooms that serve from generation to generation.

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  • The Beauty Of Olive Wood

    Revered for centuries, Olive Wood is both practical and rich of symbolic meanings across cultures around the world. It symbolises peace, livelihood, tree of life, beauty, longevity, legacy, and healing.

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  • Non-Toxic & Sustainable

    Harvested only from its branches, Olive Wood is an exceptionally sustainable material. Coupled with aesthetic beauty, Olive Wood is also naturally resistant to acids, fats and bacteria.

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